Support - Outreach

Cultivate Connections Outside Your Community

Here are our best suggestions and advice for positioning your assembly within your city, town, or region to be a part of the larger community outside of SA. You may find more attendance, new speakers and themes to explore, and opportunities for collaboration on mutual causes by being a locally-engaged organization.

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Learn Who Is Around You

What other non-profit orgs, civic-minded groups, activists, or fellow secular communities are in your area? What common values do you share that you can build bridges with?

  • Following local reporters, politicians, and leaders on social media or observing local media can build an understanding of current concerns and who is taking action.

    • Examples: food banks, shelters, environmentalists, social justice orgs

  • Universities are a wonderful source for speakers on many topics. Subscribing to their updates will surface new concepts and people to consider highlighting.

Attend Local Events

  • Go to festivals, fairs, and conferences.

Know Your Local Outlets

  • Read your local paper, as well as neighborhood outlets. Learn advertising rates for them.

Show Who You Are

  • Take photographs! Capture your activity, your people, and your values so others can understand your community in ways words won't get across as easily or quickly.