Find Your Assembly

The map below shows all active Sunday Assemblies around the world. Clicking on one will show links to their website, social media group, or some other way to get in touch! All assemblies are also listed below.

Three types of icons are shown depending on the state of the assembly:


Ongoing gatherings and events


Gathering support to begin regular activities


On hiatus with paused activities


Borders UK (starter)

Brighton UK

Bristol UK (dormant)

East End UK

Edinburgh UK

Glasgow UK

Groningen NL

London UK

Manchester UK (dormant)

Reading UK

Sheffield UK

North America

Atlanta GA US

Chapel Hill NC US

Detroit MI US

East Bay CA US

Gainesville FL US

Grand Rapids MI US (dormant)

Knoxville TN US (dormant)

Las Vegas NV US

Los Angeles CA US

Nashville TN US

Pittsburgh PA US

Sacramento CA US

San Diego CA US

Silicon Valley CA US

Australia & Oceania

Christchurch NZ

Sydney NSW AU

If an assembly near you is dormant, or you want to start one of your own, go here!